Merlin Enterprise Solution

MERLIN ERP - a complete enterprise solution

Merlin.ERP offers the finest in technology, design, architecture, features and functionality. Following is a brief list of functions :

Sales  Procurement

Finance Inter Branch

Sales Budgets    Accounts Receivable & Payable

Inventory Production

Taxes Material Requirement

Planning Product Quality Control

The cost of the solution, ease of implementation & maintenance, flexibility and adoptability to integrate with other solutions are some of the key strengths of Merlin.ERP

There are many reasons to buy Merlin.ERP, few are explained as below: 


Merlin.ERP will adapt to your business without changing the way you conduct business. Powerful technology used to build the product ensures your usage experience continues to be simple. Merlin.ERP is easy to learn, configure and use.


Merlin.ERP is priced to ensure technology teaches you without compromising on the Quality. Merlin.ERP is market leader for its affordable cost of ownership and negligible maintenance for business of all sizes. 

Whether you are small, medium or large enterprise, Merlin.ERP perfectly addresses most of your business needs.


Merlin.ERP is supporting clients through partner network that is being setup across Romania. Our partners provide you quality sale, training, implementation, customization and support services etc in your neighborhood.


While over large group of our customers have their needs fully met, Merlin.ERP can be extended for special needs too.

Customization of Merlin.ERP can address specific requirements to meet your unique business needs.

Extent of customization can be done to print formats which may require specific columns, notes, page size to fit pre-printed stationary, documents with logos, specific security rules etc. Out dedicated team has the expertise to deliver customization for any business type.

Product Features and Functionality

Merlin.ERP is one product that will work in all your departments, be it accounts, purchase, inventory or HR, to deliver the best solution for your organization. 

Accounts – this is the most popular used feature in Merlin.ERP since the inception of the product. Powerful accounting capabilities in Merlin.ERP includes simple bookkeeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, purchase order & invoices, Cheques and invoice printing, profit & loss account, balance sheet, ratio analysis etc. Management reports can be drilled down to the depth of a voucher.

Inventory – Item-wise inventory management, stock groups, multiple units of measure, stock aging report and analysis, multiple price list with date and expiration management, daily stock status & reports, multi-warehouse management etc are some of the very powerful inventory features in Merlin.ERP

Payroll -
simple payroll processes to compute staff salaries and generate Pay slips. Supports the Recovery of Loans, maintain Attendance details, calculation of Arrears, and ad-hoc payments, maintain employee record etc. The payroll module also provides support for the computation and deduction of Government Taxes as defined.

Statutory -
the powerful compliance features of Merlin.ERP simplify tax computing, information maintenance and generation of returns and forms. State specific VAT, Tax, Deduction, Tax for manufacturer, GST for Traders etc is made easy with Merlin.ERP. Your financial auditors can provide tax and business advice by accessing your business data remotely. Correction of errors or wrong entries can be changed to ensure complete and continuous compliance.

companies dealing with foreign customers can maintain books of accounts in one base currency and enter transaction in other foreign currencies. Foreign Exchange gain/ loss can be tracked immediately at the time of passing a transaction.

Multi-company - Merlin.ERP provides facility for creating and maintaining any number of companies and can manage these companies separately. It also allows you to group companies and hence provides a consolidated report for the company grouped.

Remote Access -
Merlin.ERP is powered by Prodigy’s.NET technology which enables you to access your business data from any location any time. Enable your traveling sales staff to check the updated inventory status before booking an order or enable your financial consultant to audit your business and provide professional advice sitting from his office and more. Your business does not have to wait while you are traveling, at home, on a holiday etc. You can access your data 24x7x365.

Multi-period one company can have any number of financial periods by mentioning the financial year beginning at the time of creating a company in Merlin.ERP. Transaction can be moved between multiple financial periods by selected a period as per the business requirement.

Multi-Cost & Profit
Center allocated funds to different cost   (called profit) centers, compare one cost center with another, extract management reports regarding performance and non-performing cost/ profit centers.

Multi-location inventory manage multiple warehouses for goods in and goods out. Maintain day-to-day stock status of individual locations, transfer materials from one location to another, view stock report for individual location and receive consolidated stock reports.

Multi-budget & Scenario - define budgets or create budgets for multiple periods and track. Compare actual performance of the company with budgeted figures and get a variance report. Create multiple scenarios for purpose of forecasting or view provisional reports. This can be done by selecting certain types of vouchers, which will be no way effect the regular books.

Multi-lingual capability
this is a unique function which provide you the flexibility to enter transactions using one language and view or print report in another language. In one transaction you can use multiple languages to detail a description.

Taxes - Support for all taxes including VAT, GST, Sales Tax, TDS etc.

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Merlin Logistics & Warehousing Management System

The performance of a company’s logistics and supply chain management system is crucial to the success of its business operations. These software products must be well-integrated within the business, provide real-time inventory management and shipment tracking, and be robust enough to handle large amounts of dynamic product and client information.

Focus Areas

Prodigy Technologies provides end-to-end R&D services for the logistics and supply chain management sector. We employ engineers with expertise in this domain and have worked on multiple scalable logistics solutions. Our focus areas include:

Shipping management
Warehouse inventory & distribution
Contract management

Our Capabilities

In addition to developing new logistics and supply chain management solutions, Prodigy Technologies has experience in building solutions that integrate legacy components and different technologies. We have also worked with different workflow management frameworks to help accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs.

Some of our other capabilities in this domain include:

Contract management solutions that incorporate vendor selection, contract documents management, rates and pricing management, reconciliation after delivery and payments, auditing and reporting discrepancies, etc.
Logistics frameworks for collecting, managing and analyzing high-volume data related to commercial shipments and inventory & distribution
Web-based, n-tier distributed logistics enterprise software
Cargo tracking and security solutions for government entities
Multi-carrier shipping management systems that support complex, high-volume, multi-location shipping
Mobile asset tracking and supply chain management applications

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Merlin Retail Management System

Single / Multi Store Retail Solution

This software actually understands what retail businesses really need. It is designed to help streamline retail management across all functions, irrespective of size or number of locations. It is the only retail software which is integrated seamlessly with a robust back office system of accounting, payroll etc.

Merlin.Retail will help your business by:

§ Reducing inventory costs
§ Increase efficiencies with smooth POS billing
§ Integrate all stores into one system to improve efficiency
§ I
ntegrate POS and retail functions seamlessly with Financial Accounting, Payroll, Fixed Assets etc. 

Just install the software on your company's server or a web server to setup an real time retail system over the company VPN network. All your retail outlets, branches, factories, and warehouses can work on the system.

You get real-time enterprise-wide consolidation of data, instant information and analysis and centralized control. Merlin.Retail is truly secure as location-based data segregation also ensures that the users of a branch access only their own data.

Merlin.Retail offers a comprehensive set of rich features to help you get the most out of our system. 

This includes:

 DashBoard   Segments  Security  Access Rights
 Labels Designer     Multi Currency      Report Designer  Graph Designer
 BI Analysis  Integration  Multi Currency  Forms Designer
 Transactions  Authorization   Features Manager       Integration 

There is a lot more to explain on how Merlin.Accounting can accelerate your business growth. We recommend you to see the DEMO and experience the power. Visit to schedule a DEMO or invite any of the local Network Partner near your and request for a demo at your office as per your convince.

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Merlin Payroll System
Payroll Software for your business

Following are some of the questions that we ask from our prospective clients for an evaluation of their HR requirements:

§  Does your business need to track hours for an employee against different cost centers, departments or across multiple facilities to ensure accurate accounting and budgeting?

§  Would it be beneficial for your company to manage and track leave, vacation, sick days and other benefit pay consistently for exempt and non-exempt employees?

§  Does your payroll include complex pay rules for premiums and shift changes that need to be handled by your time and attendance system?

§  Does your business require you to bill hours against specific jobs in order to accurately invoice clients for labor costs?

§   Does your business require you to calculate payroll on the basis of piece rate, or the no. of jobs completed?

If your answer to these questions is Yes, then what you are looking for is “Merlin.Payroll” system that is build to suit your requirements.

In most large and medium organizations payroll is an essential monthly activity, which is fairly routine in nature. Depending on the size and nature of the organization, this activity can be fraught with complexities related to calculations, deductions and statutory regulations. Prodigy’s Merlin.Payroll is a complete payroll system that not only offers organizations value for their money but is also universally applicable irrespective of industry vertical, unlike most other payroll applications.

An easy-to-use payroll solution designed as a single / multi user application. The solution is configurable and allows the user to set statutory regulations, calculate income tax, track reimbursements and generate pay slip. Employee master details can be maintained with the option to upload all the necessary documents.

Prodigy Merlin.Payroll is the finest payroll software available today - offering the best in technology, design, architecture, features and functionality.

Merlin.Payroll covers:

 § Employee Database                                  

 § Pay slips and Other Documents               

 § Loan and Advances                                 

 § Enterprise wide access                             

 § Interface with Attendance Machine etc    

 § Employee Login etc                                  

 § Monthly, weekly generation of reports

 § Daily, weekly or monthly type of pay for employee

 § Flexible Pay Structure
 § Leaves and Holidays
 § Flexible Attendance Input
 § Taxes

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Merlin Finance & Accounting
Accounting Software for your business

Prodigy Technologies provides you with the tools to manage your organization’s financial data in one effective solution with the ability to produce reports targeted to assist with strategic decision making. Merlin.Accounting deliver organization-wide control and integration of information essential to improving the bottom line while meeting statutory financial reporting requirements.

Go Beyond Accounting

With Merlin.Accounting, you can automate not only your accounting, but also your Payroll, Fixed Assets, Sales & Distribution, POS & Retail and Auto Dealerships etc. All these functions can be seamlessly integrated, sharing the same database, menus, user rights etc. - for a great user experience. You don't any more need to work with diverse systems and try to 'marry' them.

Some important advantages of Merlin.Accounting:

§  Low cost of ownership (LCO) and favorable return on investment (ROI)

§  Improve budgetary control and reduce accounting and audit costs through streamlined financial processes

§  Increase visibility of corporate performance and key success factors

§ Enhance global corporate performance through international financial consolidation and risk management capabilities

§  Improve global competitiveness through easy-to-view, accessible, real-time financial and performance information

§  Improve cohesiveness of corporate operational management world-wide

§  Enable effective global strategic management

§  Multi-period accounting, resulting in improved financial management

§  Fast financial consolidation and reporting

§  Reduce operating costs through reduced closing cycle

§  Extend financial processes to the web or integrate to other applications  

§  Multi-period accounting resulting in improved financial management

§  Full TAX/VAT/GST supported 

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