Merlin Enterprise Solution

MERLIN ERP - a complete enterprise solution

Merlin.ERP offers the finest in technology, design, architecture, features and functionality. Following is a brief list of functions :

Sales  Procurement

Finance Inter Branch

Sales Budgets    Accounts Receivable & Payable

Inventory Production

Taxes Material Requirement

Planning Product Quality Control

The cost of the solution, ease of implementation & maintenance, flexibility and adoptability to integrate with other solutions are some of the key strengths of Merlin.ERP

There are many reasons to buy Merlin.ERP, few are explained as below: 


Merlin.ERP will adapt to your business without changing the way you conduct business. Powerful technology used to build the product ensures your usage experience continues to be simple. Merlin.ERP is easy to learn, configure and use.


Merlin.ERP is priced to ensure technology teaches you without compromising on the Quality. Merlin.ERP is market leader for its affordable cost of ownership and negligible maintenance for business of all sizes. 

Whether you are small, medium or large enterprise, Merlin.ERP perfectly addresses most of your business needs.


Merlin.ERP is supporting clients through partner network that is being setup across Romania. Our partners provide you quality sale, training, implementation, customization and support services etc in your neighborhood.


While over large group of our customers have their needs fully met, Merlin.ERP can be extended for special needs too.

Customization of Merlin.ERP can address specific requirements to meet your unique business needs.

Extent of customization can be done to print formats which may require specific columns, notes, page size to fit pre-printed stationary, documents with logos, specific security rules etc. Out dedicated team has the expertise to deliver customization for any business type.

Product Features and Functionality

Merlin.ERP is one product that will work in all your departments, be it accounts, purchase, inventory or HR, to deliver the best solution for your organization. 

Accounts – this is the most popular used feature in Merlin.ERP since the inception of the product. Powerful accounting capabilities in Merlin.ERP includes simple bookkeeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, purchase order & invoices, Cheques and invoice printing, profit & loss account, balance sheet, ratio analysis etc. Management reports can be drilled down to the depth of a voucher.

Inventory – Item-wise inventory management, stock groups, multiple units of measure, stock aging report and analysis, multiple price list with date and expiration management, daily stock status & reports, multi-warehouse management etc are some of the very powerful inventory features in Merlin.ERP

Payroll -
simple payroll processes to compute staff salaries and generate Pay slips. Supports the Recovery of Loans, maintain Attendance details, calculation of Arrears, and ad-hoc payments, maintain employee record etc. The payroll module also provides support for the computation and deduction of Government Taxes as defined.

Statutory -
the powerful compliance features of Merlin.ERP simplify tax computing, information maintenance and generation of returns and forms. State specific VAT, Tax, Deduction, Tax for manufacturer, GST for Traders etc is made easy with Merlin.ERP. Your financial auditors can provide tax and business advice by accessing your business data remotely. Correction of errors or wrong entries can be changed to ensure complete and continuous compliance.

companies dealing with foreign customers can maintain books of accounts in one base currency and enter transaction in other foreign currencies. Foreign Exchange gain/ loss can be tracked immediately at the time of passing a transaction.

Multi-company - Merlin.ERP provides facility for creating and maintaining any number of companies and can manage these companies separately. It also allows you to group companies and hence provides a consolidated report for the company grouped.

Remote Access -
Merlin.ERP is powered by Prodigy’s.NET technology which enables you to access your business data from any location any time. Enable your traveling sales staff to check the updated inventory status before booking an order or enable your financial consultant to audit your business and provide professional advice sitting from his office and more. Your business does not have to wait while you are traveling, at home, on a holiday etc. You can access your data 24x7x365.

Multi-period one company can have any number of financial periods by mentioning the financial year beginning at the time of creating a company in Merlin.ERP. Transaction can be moved between multiple financial periods by selected a period as per the business requirement.

Multi-Cost & Profit
Center allocated funds to different cost   (called profit) centers, compare one cost center with another, extract management reports regarding performance and non-performing cost/ profit centers.

Multi-location inventory manage multiple warehouses for goods in and goods out. Maintain day-to-day stock status of individual locations, transfer materials from one location to another, view stock report for individual location and receive consolidated stock reports.

Multi-budget & Scenario - define budgets or create budgets for multiple periods and track. Compare actual performance of the company with budgeted figures and get a variance report. Create multiple scenarios for purpose of forecasting or view provisional reports. This can be done by selecting certain types of vouchers, which will be no way effect the regular books.

Multi-lingual capability
this is a unique function which provide you the flexibility to enter transactions using one language and view or print report in another language. In one transaction you can use multiple languages to detail a description.

Taxes - Support for all taxes including VAT, GST, Sales Tax, TDS etc.

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