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SMART MRS – Market Research Survey Solution

Smart-MRS by prodigy Technologies is a robust product that facilitates electronically collection of field surveys using PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). Smart-MRS is a highly effective tool that provides an array of competitive advantages for your company.

Build your PDA survey in a matter of hours, from any location

A simple to use web based wizard allows you to create customized and targeted surveys. They can be then uploaded to the PDA through either wireless or wired connectivity as well as standard synchronization allowing the field surveyor to conduct surveys and submit their results in real-time.

Faster and more superior Market Intelligence

Smart-MRS provides quicker and more accurate market intelligence than traditional paper based surveys. Smart-MRS reduces the time it takes to deploy a survey as well as receive and analyze the results; there is no need to wait for overnight delivery of bulks of paper based surveys. Smart-MRS also eliminates the need for manual data entry and the entry error that come with it.

Eliminate Costs from your Survey Process

Smart-MRS reduces the costs associated with conducting traditional paper-based surveys. No longer is there a need to spend money on paper, printing, dispatch, delivery and data entry personnel. Also update or edit existing surveys without the cost and hassles that would exit if you were to modify pre-printed surveys.

Monitor the results, Real-time

Smart-MRS enables you to monitor and watch the results as they come in. The build in technology dynamically updates survey information as soon as it is transmitted. All this can be viewed and organized, clear, simple-to-read format.

Compatible with all the Major PDAs

Smart-MRS is available on the devices that run on either the Palm or Win-CE operating systems, the operating system of choice for all the major handhelds currently available in the market,  such as Palm, Pocket PC, Handspring and Visor etc.

Software highlights

The Smart-MRS package comes with two software components: the Smart-QDesigner and Smart-Interviewer.

Smart-QDesigner   … Central Control Software

This software component acts like a Control Center and it’s a Desktop PC tool that handles the entire survey process, it consists of a variety of administration sections:

-Unlimited surveys and unlimited questions and a variety of answer types and formats or edit pre-existing surveys

-Complex Skip Logic Technology

-Complex Question Scripting Technology

-Complex mathematical calculations (+,-,*,/)

-Color control

-The User Administrator allows you to manage the field surveyors; create user name and passwords, associate particular users to a particular survey or edit existing users

-The device Manager allows you to monitor your inventory by associating devices with particular users, this device auditing feature ensuring nominal device loss.

-Export of Designed Questioner to Word or Txt format

-The Reporting feature allows you to view real-time result of your survey data. Then data can be exported to your current analytical software package like MS Excel, SPSS etc.

Smart-Interviewer   … Data Collection Software

Below are some of the features of the software as it looks on the device:

-The Smart –Interviewer Login pages require a user-name and a password to access the survey.

-The Survey Selector displays all the surveys that are available for the interviewer

-The Survey Status Indicator allows the interviewer to monitor the number of surveys that have been completed in any one session

-Question types such as Check Boxes, Radio Button, List Boxes and Open Text are supported

-Enter text answers using the built-in Keyboard

-Data validation - on screen messages appear when a mistakes occurs, reducing errors and increasing the quality of data

-Back and Next buttons - to flow through a questionnaire without losing response values

-Send data with the touch of a few buttons

-Multi-lingual interface for user

-Flexible questions and answers display capabilities

-Survey Manager shows surveys completed and send status

-Use it Anywhere and Everywhere, no dependency on wireless coverage

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