Insurance Management System

The Prodigy Integrated Insurance Management System (PIIMS) handles all the key insurance functions, including product definition, handling of policies, administration, claims, agency management and customer relationship management (CRM).

Agent management

PIIMS allows the user to define his own distribution channel as a hierarchical structure.

Reinsurance treaties management

The PIIMS system manages reinsurance treaties and calculates the reinsurance share and net retention share, sums insured, premium, commission and claims.

The system manages the proportional treaties and the relevant calculations automatically.

Policy definition

The policy definition module is an intuitive facility that provides tools for designing, creating and maintaining insurance products. The system is based on a flexible and robust table-driven definition engine, through which the business manager defines and maintains the required business items: insurance products, chapters, clauses, data items, validation checks, underwriting rules, calculations required, reinsurance, flow of business and printing specifics.

Policy issues & management

An actual process of producing and maintaining policy documents consisting of proposals, new policies, endorsements, renewals, cancellations etc. The system, which is based on the tables built in the policy definition module, provides all the functionality required in the business processes:

 § Client management

 § Currency management

 § User management & Authorization

 § Organizational issues

 § Policy information

 § Policy activities

                New policy



                Reinstallment after cancellation



Business benefits

 § reduced lead-time for product development

 § externalized rules facilitate changes in business rules for different operations

 § reduced production costs through streamlining of business process 

 § wider reach and improved customer satisfaction

System benefits:

Software components spread across presentation; business and data access layers; facilitating maintenance; flexible, data-driven nature of system facilitates changes.

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