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Prodigy FA provides a scalable solution that grows with your organization for any number of assets or users, located in a completely secure, hosted environment.


Prodigy Fixed Assets – the only internet solution for every fixed asset challenge


When it comes to complex fixed assets management for multiple users in multiple locations, Prodigy Fixed Assets gives you all the power, performance and features you need:




Pro Budget Maestro – Financial Management Software

Pro-Budgets budgeting software helps CFOs, Controllers and non-financial managers, struggling with spreadsheets for budgeting and forecasting, reduce the time of data collection, improve data integrity and increase their time for more extensive analysis.


Prodigy Technologies offers a scalable, single to multi-user/ multi-location / multi-lingual and multi-currency, financial and management budgeting software application for thousands of clients globally.


Budget Maestro automates the process of budget planning, preparation, forecasting, consolidation, analysis and reporting. Finally, managers can eliminate outdated, hard to manage, spreadsheets based budgets.



Budget Maestro translates simple inputs into sophisticated financial intelligence. This extremely intuitive out-of-the-box product enables line and staff managers at all levels to accurately predict financial cash flows, analyze performance, develop “what-if” scenarios and make informed decisions with greater confidence.



Various ways Prodigy’s Budget Maestro software will improve your business

 § You’ll see the big picture, see it sooner and be more confident in what you see. Budget Maestro continuously tracks the big picture – the balance sheet, income statement and the cash position.


 § The time to forecast will be shorter than ever. Traditional spreadsheets can be a nightmare of inconsistent formulas, mystery links, mismatched/unaligned fields etc. Typical business budgeting software can be confusing and requires considerable training. But Budget Maestro is easily deployed in your organization in days, not months. Create your business model, develop budgets and forecasts and produce sophisticated reports… all the functionality is built-in to the budgeting software and ready to work for you.


 § Your time is freed up for analysis and strategic business planning. Consider how much farther you could take your operation if you spent only a fraction of your time collecting and cleansing data from various operating units. Budget Maestro lets you concentrate on the meaning of the numbers, not their collection and calculation. You can think about “what-if?” instead of “where did this number come from?”


 § You’ll expand your view of the business – from financial to managerial. Traditional planning and budgeting software approaches a business from a purely financial standpoint. Budget Maestro helps managers understand and optimize the operation and the business as well … the impact of headcount changes, resource management, process improvements and other operational issues. Both line managers and the financial team will see the business in new, enlightening ways.


 § Your line managers will complete budget data in much less time. Because Budget Maestro utilizes the industries easiest to use the interface, managers across your business can provide all the data you need to manage the business – simply by responding to clear, natural language prompts. Your managers can focus on their operational expertise while Budget Maestro budgeting software handles the complex details of accounting.


 § Budget Maestro presents the detail level of each assumption accessible from one screen. A simple click on headings provides all the information relevant to that assumption, including all the journal entries, without having to create a single formula or linkage back to additional screens.


 § Powerful, flexible reporting – reports are meaningful only when they portray the information the way you need to see it. Budget Maestro’s powerful “drill down to transaction level” capability helps managers slice, dice and customize the information for specific uses, as well as the supporting assumptions behind the data.



Prodigy’s Budget Management Software Key Features:

§ Easy set-up & implementation

§ Ease of use for financial & non-financial managers

§ Budgeting and planning

§ Forecasting

§ Personnel & benefits management

§ Capital asset planning management

§ Revenue management

§ Export to excel – data/formula

§ Line of credit projection and management

§ Cash management

§ Comprehensive reporting

§ What-if?

§ Multi-level access security

§ Consolidation/Roll-up

§ Application /Platform

§ User Defined Reports

§ User defined formulas








 § Unmatched computing power lets you process and report on just 5,000 or more than a million assets with exceptional speed.

 § Complete accessibility no matter where you are - if you have Internet access, you have access to your data!

 § Rigorous state-of-the-art security features and automatic back-up.

 § Wizards assist daily (or occasionally) asset maintenance tasks.

 § Multi lingual interface option available (Ro, En) on request

 § Lets you print, view and change asset data at any point in time.

 § Remote report processing on our server lets you work while your report is prepared for speedy processing and delivery.

 § More than 10 predefined reports, including file able tax forms, plus custom report capability.

 § Prodigy Fixed Assets report writer provides complete report control and flexibility using Crystal Reports system in this fully-integrated add-on module.

 § Includes import/export module for barcode readers/printers.


Company & Book Features Open Timeline, Asset Entry and Maintenance Feature

 § Role-based security system –restricts access to specific companies and/or tasks

 § companies updated automatically offline for each new application version

 § data back-ups handled for you – full weekly and incremental daily backups are performed at the hosting site



Open Timeline, Asset Entry and Maintenance Feature

 § enter an unlimited number of assets

 § open Timeline:

                -view historical asset data at any time

                -prepare all reports for prior, current and future years

                -edit asset data for any book at any period within its life

                -preserves all values reported in the past, letting you make any corrections in the future

 § full data entry validation
 § full audit trail every depreciation book through the Asset Viewer, which details all calculations of expense, gain/loss and balances, by month, quarter or year for each individual asset.



Asset Operations Feature

 § Unlimited internal asset transfer between departments, cost centers etc.

 § Multi lingual Interface (Ro, En, De, Fr)*(optional)

 § External transfers between Prodigy Fixed Assets companies

 § Asset splits facilitate partial dispositions and partial transfers (multiple splits allowed)

 § Expert system guides you through editing asset operations: delete, duplicate, retire, sell, exchange, transfer.



Program Wizards


 § Add Asset – wizard allows asset entry with minimal data

 § Asset Split

 § Dispose Asset – simplifies disposals

 § Edit Accumulated Depreciation

 § Edit Asset Type Properties

 § Export General ledger Data

 § Import asset data and more



Reporting Features


 § Remote report processing lets you work while your reports are calculated and compiled

 § Reconciliation-oriented reports support fixed asset accounting, tax, property tax and management Consolidated reporting (you need to specify any additional reports if needed)

 § Focus period define the start and stop dates; can be set in one place as a default

 § Asset-by-asset detail or summary options

 § Asset selection through filters

 § Wide variety of print selections: PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, text etc.

§ On-screen report preview available



Report Electronic, Help/Documentation Support & Training/Data Conversion Services + Systrm Requirements


 § Windows®98 Second Edition/Me/NT 4.0 SP5 or higher/2000 SP2 (pre-SP2 requires 128 it high encryption pack installed)/XP or higher

 § Desktop display settings must be set to Small Fonts for optimal display

 § Training classes and data conversion services are available

 § Data import from legacy system are available

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