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The e-commerce Platform provided by Prodigy is flexible enough to sustain your increasing business, yet easy enough for anyone to manage: you, your employees, your clients etc.

We are offering you a Multilanguage web based application for your online stores.

The E-Commerce has 3 primary areas of functionality:
§ Posting orders for products
§ Verifying order products
§ Approving order products


  §  friendly and intuitive structure

  §  easy to manage and update

  §  flexible

  §  excellent design
  §  possibility to integrate with other systems if necessary (such as credit card processing systems, CRM applications, automatic exchange systems etc)
 §  secure: our experience with online applications provided the know-how in order to create an environment perfectly safe for you and your customers and providers.

  §  multiple filters

  §  able to support  inventory management

System Modules:

Back end application (available only for the administrator and user) and

Front end application (customers interface).

Back End application

This module can be accessed only by the administrator and/or other users with different roles. If there are more users with different roles, the authentication is based on the roles defined by the administrator.

The administrator can add/modify/delete cathegories of products and their manufacturers and also:


The successful business operation and reputation of Prodigy Technologies is built upon the principles of fair dealings and the ethical conduct of all employees, through interactions with each other, clients and any individual that a Prodigy Technologies employee may come in contact with. We strive to keep our reputation for integrity and excellence resonating throughout the organization, and beyond.

The continued success of Prodigy Technologies is dependent upon our employees’ and our customers’ trust. We are dedicated to preserving that trust through the use of good judgment, high ethical principles and the commitment to nothing less than acceptable conduct at all times. Compliance with Prodigy Technologies business ethics and conduct policy is required of every employee.

      §   Define general properties and attributes used in creating products specifications

§   Define product details, including images, related products

§   Define promotions

§   Define newsletters

§   Create top menus links and content

§   Manage orders and vouchers

Stock availability – according to certain amounts of available products, and the stock limit, the product is in stock/ available on call/ limited stock or if the product stock is 0, then the product is not available.


Cathegory rating.

The customers will be able to rate the products by “Price”, “Quality” etc.

Define related products

The administrator can decide the relationship between products. For example, if we think of a laptop, a related product may be a laptop bag.

Define promotions

Products grouped in packages of products can be offered for free or at a lower price to clients. Yet the customer may choose buying only the main product or the entire package created around it.

Define newsletters

You can create newsletters for the customers, spam free, available only if the client subscribes.

Define top menu

Personalize the layout of the top menu links, by creating links like “Contact”, “Privacy and security”, “Events” etc.

Managing orders

The users may view orders that have been submitted. When a customer sends an order, this order will have a status like “Order submitted”. These orders must be validated and approved.

Front End Application

This module can be accessed by any customer. In order to submit an order, the client must create an account.

The consumer can filter products by categories, manufacturers or any product attribute set by the administrator as filter criteria.

Features available: ratings for any given product, related products, comments, promotion available for each item. Comments have to be approved by an administrator before appearing online.

The selected products will be added in a chart. The customer will select the payment method, the delivery method, the voucher code (if there any), the delivery location and then submit the order. 

The person that verifies orders submitted will check the product's stock and approve the order. When the order is approved the product stock is decreased with the requested quantity for that particular product. At the same time a preformed invoice will be issued. After the products are sent to the customer, the order status will be "Order delivered".

Advance search feature using the following filters:

§    Product name

§    Minimum /maximum desired price

§    Brand

§    Cathegory

When the client is logged, he can view his orders history.

The customer may also compare products, view product images or save them. He also may require assistance from a consultant. This feature is based on ym account.

The costumer can filter products by categories, manufactures or any product attribute specified to be in filter criteria. The client  will see also:

§       the related products that match his properties

§       what other costumers have also bought

§       rating values and comments

§       the customer can also compare products

Security In order to access the Front End application and/or to place orders, the client needs to create an account. Only the administrator and the owner can access the Back End application which is protected by user name and password.

Reports The system proposes two kind of report but the list is opened to the client needs: The product list report – it shows the list of products and their stock grouped by first letter in the name of the product. Situation report – it shows the list of product and orders on that products grouped by brand.

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