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Prodigy Technologies has over 10+ years of experience in providing contingent workforce management services and exceeding client expectations through highly effective processes for recruiting, screening, testing, and consultant management. Many of our clients regularly seek our advice when making changes to their internal IT staffing and vendor management programs. Over the years, we have formulated strategies, processes and in-house IT systems - enabling our sourcing engine to mature into one of the strongest in the nation.

Strong Sourcing Engine
Candidate sourcing and recruiting is the heart of Prodigy Technologies's contingent workforce management division and we take pride that over the years, we have implemented industry best practices in our recruiting engine - enabling us to exceed performance metrics in the staffing industry.

Unique Offshore Advantage
Apart from having full-time dedicated recruiters at our numerous offices in the U.S, Europe and Asia, we have built a large recruiting team at our back office centers in Europe and India.
Perfecting this model, we at Prodigy Technologies have been successful in reducing client-response times, without compromising on the quality of resources. In our current recruiting model, all Internet-based and phone-based recruiting is conducted by Prodigy Technologies recruiters from Europe and India. This model has again helped Prodigy Technologies reduce overall operating costs, while creating an increased bandwidth and scalability for the current and future.

Integrated Back Office IT Systems

Prodigy Technologies is an IT-centric company, with robust and integrated IT systems that support our staffing operations end-to-end. Over the years, Prodigy Technologies has internally developed and implemented a fully customized, integrated and robust Web-based ERP system for staffing industry. Built by using Microsoft .Net and SQL server technology, this ERP system has integrated modules to support our entire staffing function spanning - candidate database management & tracking, job request management, consultant hiring & termination workflow management, client contact management, consultant orientation & on boarding, HR & employee relations, timesheets/accounting/ finance and extensive reporting. Since the candidate pricing, skills, profile, availability and other data points are all centrally managed through this Web-based ERP system, it enforces consistency in our pricing, processes and quality.

Demonstrated Success with Large Clients
Prodigy Technologies's business model for our contingent workforce management business is built on strategic partnerships with large clients and focuses on becoming the top performing staffing supplier for each of these clients. Over the years, Prodigy Technologies has been very successful in qualifying past vendor list consolidation initiatives with most of our large Fortune 500 clients.
For all our clients, Prodigy Technologies's contingent workforce management services range from filling single position contract job postings to staffing large teams for client projects that are either client managed or Prodigy Technologies managed, and also filling permanent job positions, through our clients' HR departments.

Recruiting Methodology
Prodigy Technologies has a unique client focused recruiting methodology whereby all our clients have dedicated recruiting teams. Prodigy Technologies provides dedicated recruitment teams headed by a dedicated national Account manager for you. This proven successful methodology ensures uniform services throughout all your locations as well as on the entire breadth of your needs.
Prodigy Technologies has dedicated Horizontal Sourcing Units (HSU’s) that help the dedicated Prodigy Technologies teams to create a pipeline of resources for niche or hard to find skills.

Offshore Model

Prodigy Technologies has outsourced our back office operations to Tier 2 cities in India and Romania. This has helped lower our cost of service. This cost savings has been passed on to our clients without compromising on quality of services.
Prodigy Technologies also has additional recruiters in India that provide additional bandwidth to the dedicated client teams and help provide a 24x7 recruiting model that helps us to reduce our response time to our clients.

Screening and Testing Methodology

Processes and systems have been developed at Prodigy Technologies to ensure that only the ‘Right Fit’ candidates are selected. Prodigy Technologies has a stringent 3 level screening process that ensures only the best candidates are selected. 

Transition Management Methodology

Prodigy Technologies has a proven and successful transition methodology that has been implemented with a number of our clients. Prodigy Technologies’s transition methodology streamlines the process of migrating knowledge, systems, and operating capabilities. The transition plan commences with the establishment of engagements that helps plan and execute transition effectively. The representatives from Prodigy Technologies are well acquainted with ensuring the efficient migration of the identified processes and knowledge.

Quality Assurance

Prodigy Technologies has its internal quality assurance process to measure all service delivered to our clients. All processes are tracked in our internal Quality Management System (QMS). This enables Prodigy Technologies to track all service levels internally and implement any corrective actions proactively. A feedback mechanism from client also helps Prodigy Technologies strengthen our internal processes.


The training department at Prodigy Technologies aims to enhance the capability of the workforce. The objective is to make the training department strong and self sufficient to take care of at least 80% of training needs internally. Prodigy Technologies also has access to courses covering various technologies and skills to ensure employees are up to date on current skills.

Contingent Workforce Management
Shortened timeframes, unique skill-set requirements or the need for stringent internal controls may force you to look for a partner who can make your objectives an operational reality.
Prodigy Technologies's contingent workforce management services are modeled around providing you with quality resources that seamlessly integrates your organization and the internal control required to meet your technology objectives. It is a collaborative onsite model with the value addition of a dedicated account management team to give you the benefit of the right resources with the control they would exercise over an in-house team.
If you are looking to minimize risk, administration, and recruitment costs, then workforce management is the answer. Get in touch with Prodigy Technologies to learn more on how to leverage our proven experience and knowledge, to make your technology objectives a reality.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Need to save time and shorten your permanent hiring cycle?  Then Prodigy Technologies’s direct hire services are for you. We provide value addition by helping you to identify, screen and provide you with the “Right Fit” resource that will shorten your hiring cycle.
If you need to reduce your HR cost for hiring permanent placements direct hire services is the answer. Contact Prodigy Technologies to learn more on how to leverage our large database of highly skilled professionals for your needs.

Project Staffing Services

Do you have contractors from multiple vendors on critical projects? Prodigy Technologies’s project staffing services gives you the flexibility of managed resources with a non billable onsite resource coordinator to pass on the HR burden to Prodigy Technologies and focus on the control they would exercise over an in-house team.
If you have HR burden and which is difficult to manage with multiple vendors, then Prodigy Technologies’s project staffing services is the answer. Prodigy Technologies with its extensive experience in staffing can help you provide with project teams right from project managers to developers so that you can focus on the project deliverables and pass on the HR functions to Prodigy Technologies. 

Managed Staffing Services

Do you have multiple vendors with multiple contracts that have become a burden? Simplify your vendor management with Prodigy Technologies managed staffing services. Prodigy Technologies has state of the art systems that can help you manage your vendors from requirement to termination and ensure a single point of contact for all vendors.
If you want to reduce your cost and liabilities managing multiple vendors then Prodigy Technologies’s proven managed staffing services is the answer. Contact Prodigy Technologies to learn how you can benefits from our managed staffing services to provide a seamless cost saving alternative to manage your vendor base.

Managed Staffing Services include:

Pay-Rolling Services

Are you in need of a partner who can work with you as a ‘partner’ and not just a ‘vendor’? Need a partner with a national foot print to help you manage your contract workforce? Prodigy Technologies’s pay-rolling services can help you reduce your liabilities and management of contract employees.
Prodigy Technologies’s pay-rolling services streamline the communication and compliance for your contract employees. Prodigy Technologies’s state of the art systems and methodologies makes it an ideal partner of choice to provide payrolling services by managing your contract employees. Contact Prodigy Technologies to learn about the advantages you can achieve from our pay-rolling services.

Pass-Through Management Services

Are you consolidating your vendor lists or streamlining your procurement process? Prodigy Technologies’s pass-through services will help you retain critical resources without increasing your budgets.
Do you need a partner to help you transitioning large number of resources? Prodigy Technologies’s pass-thru management services will help you transition your critical resources and maintain teams on specific projects or enterprise wide transitions. Contact Prodigy Technologies to find out more on how our pass-through management services can help you with changes and maintain your critical resources during important mergers and acquisitions.
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