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One of the biggest challenges faced by both start-up and established companies is the long lead time to transform an idea into a reality. Prodigy Technologies services help clients rapidly convert their concepts into fully functional products in a fraction of the time it would take to build the same products in-house. We take a +”fabless” approach to new product development, enabling clients to seamlessly take their products from start to finish.

Our Offering

To facilitate new product ideation, Prodigy Technologies provides full lifecycle R&D services that are based on a fixed budget, team and schedule. Clients also gain access to our tried-and-true software development and project management processes. Furthermore, start-up companies have the option to engage with an + Executive Advisor and access our partner ecosystem of technology alliances, funding investors, marketing firms and hosting & SEO providers.

 Our ideation services provide the following
§ Define and shape the product vision to match market needs
§ Define and validate the technology choices to ensure scalability and flexibility in a product’s design
§ Create and manage highly skilled engineering teams through an offshore/onshore model
§ Provide continuous visibility, iterative control and reduced risks through Agile engineering methods
§ Launch, host and support the product through our partner ecosystem

Our Focus Areas

Prodigy Technologies new product development and ideation services focus on the following areas of interest:
§ Whiteboard to Market
§ Ideation Acceleration
§ Product Usability & Design
§ Customization / Implementation

# What is a ‘fabless’ approach? The term fabless comes from the electronics industry, which leverages either in-house or third-party fabrication facilities to manufacture hardware products. By choosing to outsource product development – or go fabless – an electronics company could avoid high investment costs and instead focus on the design and sale of its products. Similarly, by leveraging GlobalLogic's software manufacturing core competencies, a client can focus on the other activities required to make a product launch successful.

# What is an Executive Advisor? An Executive Advisor (EA) is a senior-level business professional whose role is to provide you with advice and guidance. EAs are experts in an industry, domain, and geography or in launching new ventures. Appointed during the initial evaluation process, the EA acts as a sounding board on issues that you identify. A typical engagement would include meeting every other week to discuss any important issues or events. However, the EA should not be regarded as a subject matter expert who is working to resolve your engineering issue. Because EAs are part of the Prodigy Technologies senior management team or the Prodigy Technologies ecosystem, they are not involved in any product delivery related issues.)

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