Application Services

Our Application Services

IT is no longer merely a support function, in fact cutting edge applications drive market leadership and competitiveness in most cases. Application services are at the core of Prodigy Technologies competence and we continue to build on that strength.

Our application services portfolio spans almost every part of our customer’s IT landscape from custom development, testing, system integration, deployment to maintenance and support. Be it completely new development or building cutting edge solutions on industry leading platforms or just performing extensive quality assurance work, clients engage us as an extended part of their own IT team. In line with our philosophy of collaboration, we deliver our application services either jointly with our clients or in a fully managed way at the client location or deliver it through traditional onsite-offshore model using our lower cost development facilities.

Our application services are well supported by our partner community, as well as Pro-nov Labs (prodigy innovative labs), the innovation arm of Prodigy Technologies, where there is a constant push to find innovative, yet repeatable, solutions to everyday business and IT problems. 

Application Development

To develop a competitive and dynamic organization it is essential to manage agile, robust and secure applications. Through its Application Development Services, Prodigy Technologies enables customers to maximize returns from their application investments, minimize TCO giving them the edge to stay ahead of competition and save costs.

Momentum Towards Advancement

Application Development Services help customers address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing, and deploying applications tailored to meet their business requirements. Prodigy Technologies delivers high quality, easy-to-maintain, flexible applications using the Collaborative Engagement Model. Best of software engineering methodologies, combined with tools, frameworks, and accelerators from Prodigy Labs, enable Prodigy Technologies to deliver lower cost and faster time-to-market benefits.

Prodigy Technologies's Enterprise 2.0 principles in development cycles and collaboration methods, address the most important issue of requirements management, in a development engagement.

Prodigy Technologies's Application Development services, offer customers end-to-end services including technology consulting, custom development, migration, re-engineering, and product implementation.

§ Custom Application Development

§ Mobile Application Development

§ Ecommerce

Application Management

Prodigy Technologies's Application Management Services optimize your applications by ensuring high availability, assured performance, and predictable service levels. Our approach delivers meaningful and measurable results and maintains the global IT environment by integrating the required technologies, people, and service delivery models.

Improving Business Performance

Our Application Management Services are tailored to meet your business needs, application environments, technology, processes, and priorities. Your requirements are mapped to a customized and precise application management strategy that provides better flexibility, scalability and seamless integration. Our Application Management Services go beyond simply supporting and maintaining applications, to bring in transformation through technology upgrades, rationalization, and a host of other "change" initiatives, providing the ideal platform for "future proofing" your applications.

You are in control, every step of the way with Prodigy Technologies’s flexible and collaborative approach.

Prodigy Technologies's Application Management Services enable you to:

§ Reduce total cost of ownership for application management by as much as 40%

§ Provide additional cost reduction of 12% to 15% beyond the onetime cost arbitrage

§ Improve visibility into the state of existing applications

§ Improve Quality of Service through a robust Service Level framework

§ Free your staff to focus on core business and critical new projects

The Difference

We have leveraged over 15 years of application maintenance and support experience, to develop a proprietary application management framework. Our framework enables you to assess, maintain, enhance, and transform applications in alignment to your organization’s strategic goals.

Our framework spans the entire lifecycle of application management from the development of a right sourcing strategy, implementation of improvements, to transformation.

Our framework gives you:

§ A flexible approach, enabling the customization of various phases

§ A Low Risk Transition Methodology to mitigate risks related to people, processes and technology

§ Efficient SLA management using mature tools and frameworks

§ The ability to leverage Prodigy Technologies's strengths in Enterprise Architecture, re-engineering, application modernization to rejuvenate your application portfolio

§ Application Management Services

§ Application Support & Maintenance

§ Portfolio Analysis & Outsourcing Strategy

§ Transformation Services

BI and Data Wareshousing

In today's information-hungry world, business applications churn out more data at faster rates than ever before, yet, "Proactive Management" requires "Accurate" real-time data "Customized" to needs. Prodigy Technologies's End-to-End Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (DW/BI) solutions are designed to address exactly this need, through integrated and outcome driven data management and business intelligence solutions. Our solutions are engineered to increase sales, decrease costs, and deliver tangible benefits to your end users.

A combination of a proprietary framework, in-depth experience and understanding of the information management field, enables Prodigy Technologies deliver end-to-end services starting from Data Management & BI strategy to downstream implementation of enterprise-wide data warehouse and data quality management.

Our key BI & DW services include:

§ Business Intelligence

§ Data Integration

§ Data Quality

§ Data Strategy

§ Data Warehousing

§ Data Visualization

§ Data Services

 Content and Portal

A leading analyst firm’s Enterprise Content Management Online Survey shows that organizations invest in ECM to improve content sharing (61%), compliance (51%), search (45%), and cost-effective automation (44%).

But, organizations still continue to struggle to make optimal use of content. The sheer volume of content and disparate nature of information has made ECM an organizational nightmare. Research reveals that 75% of enterprises have six or more repositories for content management and 34% use three or more search engines. The current content management practice not only increases unnecessary IT expenditure but also adversely impacts the growth and efficiency of an organization.

Prodigy Technologies offers Content, Collaboration, Digitazion and Portal services to manage content efficiently across a host of industries. Our services address the content management needs in the following solution areas -

§ Collaboration & Knowledge Mgmt

§ Enterprise Search

§ Records Mgmt

§ Document Mgmt

§ Web Content Mgmt

§ Enterprise Portals

§ Digitization and Language Support

We offer following services that span the entire content lifecycle

§ Consulting & Product Evaluation

The service aligns your content management strategy to your business objectives. Prodigy Technologies provides current state assessment, technology recommendations, product selection, solution blueprints and implementation roadmaps aligned to your content management strategy.

§ Architecture design & Implementation

The service defines an information architecture that aligns with your Content, Collaboration and Portal strategy considering the content organization, topology, security (authentication and authorization), search, metadata, taxonomy, content delivery approach, multi-channel delivery and localization requirements.

§ Content Migration

The service offers migration of structured and unstructured content from existing sources (CMS, in-house platforms, websites, and data sources) to a targeted platform. We use proprietary tools and third party connectors to expedite the migration process and minimize associated efforts.

§ Support

Prodigy Technologies’s support services maximize returns on your enterprise content management and other related IT investments. The offering includes content security & rights management, workflow administration, editorial management, taxonomy management, publishing & deployment, web 2.0, content migration, search, testing and monitoring.

These services have enabled customers to improve business processes, reduce enterprise costs, improve workforce effectiveness, attract and retain customers, increase the use of information and analytics and launch new products and services quickly. These services are delivered using our proprietary tools like CoreDais (a content migration tool) and accelerators like Momentum consulting framework, Web consolidation framework and Product evaluation matrix.

Our world class team of consultants and experts has successfully served global 2000 firms for over a decade. We have experience in content strategy, technology evaluation, product selection, development and customization for the Telecommunications, Energy and Utility, Media, Financial Services and Retail industries.

Product Engineering

Prodigy Technologies is a partner of choice for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) engaged in product lifecycle services. We work as an extended arm of your existing product engineering team. Regardless of whether you are an established ISV or a start-up, Prodigy Technologies’s experience and expertise help you achieve your key strategic goals - stretch your R&D dollars, extend product life, foolproof products, and extend market reach.

Prodigy Technologies provides a comprehensive suite of service offerings, tailored to meet business requirements in our focus domains.

Our Product Engineering Services include: Product Development, Product Integration, Product Support, Product Testing

Testing and Validation

Prodigy Technologies's independent testing services, bring objectivity and transparency to your validation process. We ensure that software continually meets your needs, in order to deliver substantial business value.

We have been helping enterprise customers and independent software and hardware vendors with testing services for over 10 years. Our range of testing services covers software applications, products, commercial off-the-shelf solutions, devices, and protocols.

Prodigy Technologies's independent testing services straddle the software testing lifecycle from requirements validation, test scenario and case design, to execution and analysis – enabling your business to meet time, cost, and quality targets. Our testing services are backed by methodologies adhering to ISO 9126 standards, ISTQB certified personnel and processes, mapped to TMMI levels. The risk-based modeling, adopted by our teams, prioritize features and functions based on their impact on application failure.

Our testing engagements are also uniquely supported by a proprietary hybrid automation framework that reduces costs by over 30%. Backed by our expertise in industry-leading tools (HP, IBM, iTKO LISA and Compuware) and increased domain focus in testing engagements, we help ensure the quality of your technology initiatives.

Prodigy Technologies's Independent Testing Services cover: Device Testing, Lifecycle Testing, Performance Validation, Specialized Testing, Test Automation, Test Consulting Services.

Wireless and Embedded

The global market for wireless and embedded technologies is experiencing phenomenal growth, with organizations adopting such devices to drive business empowerment. Convergence of device functionality and new features, necessitate the building and upgrading of software embedded in devices and interfacing with surrounding applications on an ongoing basis. The main priorities for wireless and embedded system providers are reducing time-to-market and costs while improving quality and reliability.

Focus Areas

Prodigy Technologies's Wireless and Embedded Services practice focuses on: RFID Devices, Printers, Wireless Devices, Mobile Computers and Barcode Scanners.

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