About Us Prodigy Technologies’ goal is to provide consistently efficient and optimal models for each specific industry’s processes, by combining the best people, processes and technology.

We aim to offer our customers from different industries the advantages of:

Redesigning internal processes we consider as very important understanding the customer’s internal processes and make them on one side being aligned with the customer’s specific industry processes and on the other side optimize them. The total collaborative and transparent approach is essential for this process.

Proficiency - We share a strong customer orientation that means we actually start by listening to the customer. We're focused on coming up with solutions that serve customer requirements today and anticipate future needs.

Solution Focus - We offer customers the advantage of being able to Architect, Integrate and Manage technology services. This means that they can rely on one, fully accountable source instead of trying to integrate disparate multi-vendor solutions.

Prodigy Technologies is focused on SME business from different specific industries:

§    Retail

§    Logistics & Warehousing
§    Distribution
§    Production/Manufacturing
§    Shipping
§    Banking
§    Insurance
Prodigy Technologies creates comprehensive, integrated solutions for retail businesses, by helping them meet their business goals:

§ streamlining operations across all functions,
§ integrating all stores into one system to improve efficiency,
§ having real-time access to sales reports for each store
§ controlling sale prices for each and every store at headquarter level

§ integrating retail functions seamlessly with Financial Accounting, Payroll, Fixed-Assets, etc., 
§ improving customers’ satisfaction and increasing revenues.

The solution Prodigy Technologies is proposing is perfect whether it is a single store or a chain of stores.
Our vast experience within Retail industry with successful implementations, proves our capacity and capability for providing proper solutions to retail industry business issues. 
Logistics & Warehousing
The integrated solution for logistics and warehousing allows a proper management for the logistic aspect of a company’s inventory.

It aims to allow a proper control for the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking.

In order to efficiently monitor the flow of products, our solution can provide specific technical capabilities for data capturing (eg. bar code scanners).


Prodigy Technologies's solutions manage the entire sales process cycle for distribution companies, by covering both Pre-Sales and Van-Sales processes.  

Our Sales Force Automation solution allows:
- online real time access for information related to customers, products, pricing, invoices, mobile invoicing, online real time stock evidence, sales consolidation etc.

Our experience accumulated so far through all successful implementations and our customers’ satisfaction prove the quality of our solution and our support.

Production / Manufacturing
As a result of our close collaboration with some of the leading Romanian companies from production/manufacturing industry area -such as feed additives, bread and bakery specialties, poultry breeding etc., we have built an in-depth industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by every single customer.

This experience makes Prodigy Technologies provide the right integrated solutions for customers' businesses and maintain them through world-class services and support.


We have been partnering with Banks for improving their internal communications by providing internal portal solutions; for automating the process of budgeting and planning throughout organizations by covering all the aspects related to preparation, forecasting, consolidation, analysis and reporting; for automating the management of fixed assets.


At this moment, Prodigy Technologies is ready to help Banks (as for other institutions, too) also with Customer Relationship Management and Data WareHouse and Business Intellingence solutions.

Prodigy Technologies supports insurance companies  improving their whole internal process, by providing integrated insurance management system for life and non-life insurance businesses functions.

Such a system handles all the key insurance functions, including product definition, handling of policies, administration, claims, agency management and customer relationship management.
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