We believe each employee contributes directly to the growth and success of Prodigy Technologies. We work hard to make sure our employees take pride in being a member of Our Team. Our experience has shown that when employees deal openly and directly with each other, the work environment is productive, communications are clear, and attitudes are positive. Prodigy Technologies demonstrates its commitment to teamwork by encouraging employees to work together and empowering them to achieve their goals.

Prodigy Technologies is committed to providing equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or any other characteristic protected by law. Employment decisions made at Prodigy Technologies are based on merit, qualifications and abilities. We celebrate diversity and enjoy the benefits of incorporating different perspectives and the ability to learn from each other.

Work / Life Balance
We respect our employees’ personal needs and obligations. We make every effort to be flexible and work together to help them balance their personal and professional lives. Prodigy Technologies' culture focuses on trust, empowerment and achieving results. 

Career Development
We recognize the benefit of developmental experiences and encourage employees to talk openly with their supervisors about their career plans. Prodigy Technologies works hard to encourage and support employees’ efforts to gain experience within the organization. The skills and knowledge of our employees are critical to the success of our organization. Therefore we encourage and provide assistance for personal development through formal education so that our employees can maintain and improve their job-related skills. Employees are encouraged to take individual courses, licensing or certification programs that are related to the employees’ current job duties or for a foreseeable future position in the organization.


Trying to keep things as green as possible
Prodigy Technologies is making an effort to minimize our impact on the environment.
We try to minimize the use of electricity within our offices, reduce the number of disposable items in the office and the lunchroom, and recycle whenever possible.


The successful business operation and reputation of Prodigy Technologies is built upon the principles of fair dealings and the ethical conduct of all employees, through interactions with each other, clients and any individual that a Prodigy Technologies employee may come in contact with. We strive to keep our reputation for integrity and excellence resonating throughout the organization, and beyond. The continued success of Prodigy Technologies is dependent upon our employees’ and our customers’ trust. We are dedicated to preserving that trust through the use of good judgment, high ethical principles and the commitment to nothing less than acceptable conduct at all times. Compliance with Prodigy Technologies business ethics and conduct policy is required of every employee.

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